Want to develop a way to generate leads through Instagram and grow your brand but don't know where to begin?


Fear not! This PDF is your head start in growing your photobooth company's presence on Instagram!

In this online course for beginners, you learn the best practices for crafting your Instagram profile. 

This is a 23 page PDF full on information on Instagram and how to ensure you build you brand correctly and encourage followers to become buyers. 

If you've been Instagram for while, you know how frustrating it can be to grow your followers and turn those followers into buyers.

You probably will go on little spurts of posting and probably not being exactly sure what you're doing. But yet you see some of your competitors with plenty of followers and probably getting those followers pretty easily.

What’s the deal?

You watch other people’s Instagram follower ship grow and wonder if that can happen to you. Never mind that your product is probably better than most of your competitors. 

I get it. I've been there and done that. But there's a formula to make this all make sense! 

YOu can do it!

This PDF will walk you step by step on how to grow your Instagram followers as well as turn those into loyal viewers and then eventually buyers. 



This PDF comes with a goals and motivation worksheet on what you want your Instagram to do, what this would mean to your business and much more. Setting goals is key to managing your success!

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Here’s everything you can expect to learn when you PURCHASE THIS COURSE







Hey I'm Ryan

I'm one of two hosts of the photo booth podcast Super Boothers! Whenever we started the podcast we wanted to elevate the industry and offer real life applications of useful marketing and sales information and techniques. I have spent years of trying to find the secret sauce in how to generate more business. Now, I'm able to share with you by best experience put down on paper! You get my tips, tricks, opinions, and little hacks that have helped me with my business. 

I've been lucky to have been in the events industry for over 14 years and I'm happy to share that experience with you. I wish that there was someone to help me when I first started and to not make the same mistakes and waste probably hundreds of thousands of dollars on things that just don't work! 

So! If you've been around for awhile and have an established Instagram, or if you literally just signed up with maybe one follower, this PDF will become your step-by-step system for growing your followers, enhancing your brand, and you can start converting those followers into buyers. 



You should be super pumped that you're about to take your Instagram to the next level. Although, I'm sure you have your doubts if this is for you. Let's go over some common feelings you might be thinking...

1. i don't have an instagram or haven't been a consistent user.

That's alright! Everyone has to start somewhere. There is information in this PDF for a beginner all the way up to the most experience tech-savvy user. 

2. i'm in a small market, i'm not sure it will work for me.

Yes. This will work for you! It will work in every single market. Granted if you're in the middle of nowhere Texas, you're obviously not going to have the volume as someone in Manhattan or Los Angeles. However the concepts are universal and will apply to your market no matter how small or large it is. 

3. will getting more followers help me make more sales?

Duh. Otherwise I wouldn't be showing you how to accomplish this! So the way how this works is we craft your Instagram to be the absolute best it can be. I show you how to take the content that you are gathering from your events and apply that to turning those followers into buyers. 

4. YOu're going to make me spent a lot of money on ads to see results, aren't you? 

Nope. I'm cheap, I'm not about blow money where it doesn't need to be spent. You'll spend $0 on ads. The goal here will be to get organic engagement. We can apply the concepts to grow your followers that are loyal and organic that will turn into BUYERS!

5. can't i just google and find the information that's in this pdf? 

Sure you can. You'll spend a lot of time, effort and I'm sure after awhile you'll be successful, however most of the information you'll find is outdated. An article from 2015, might seem recent but as of the end of February, 2018, Instagram has changed it's algorithm yet again. Don't make the mistake of scouring outdated blogs for information that just doesn't apply anymore.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What if I’m brand new to instagram?

Perfect! You have the ability to create your brand from scratch. You have the ability to scour Instagram for the perfect model account that you would like to emulate. You could spend a couple of years stumbling around trying to find your footing...or you can just get this PDF and get a jump on the most current information on Instagram! 


What if I already have thousands of followers?

EVEN BETTER! You've done half the job. We can still work on increasing your following. If your main source of business is for example weddings, there are always people getting engaged every single day. What we can focus on now is turning those followers in to buyers. I'll show you a specific sales funnel and how to target an audience that is interesting in booking your services. 

What format is the course content delivered in?

The course includes a worksheet, case studies, examples of what to post and when, all in a PDF format immediately after your purchase!


Am I going to have to buy a bunch of pricey software or spend money on ads?

Of course not! While there are plenty of options out there that will make you more successful, it's not required. There are some services available for a rather low monthly fee, however it's not required by any means. This system was built for organic growth and not paid advertising. While you will see results from those upgrades, it's absolutely not required.