Guide To Permanent Installs PDF

Guide To Permanent Installs PDF


Your comprehensive guide to installing permanent photo booths in businesses and generate monthly recurring revenue!

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What will I learn? 

  • Create a series of packages to offer to potential customers
  • Create better way to sell permanent installs to customers
  • Learn a pricing structure that is suitable for growing your business
  • Craft a strategic squeeze page to convince interested customers
  • Develop an informative marketing deck to present to customers 
  • Software & Hardware Recommendations are included as well as install ideas


  • You'll need to be able to have access to inventory to sell to businesses for permanent installations

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who is in the photo booth industry and looking for ways to increase a revenue stream of installing permanent photobooths in businesses 


Super Boothers co-host shows his step-by-step guide to placing permanent installations in business such as dental offices, beauty salons, bars, restaurants, etc. 

I'll help you create a package system designed to sell to your customers and create an additional monthly revenue stream to your business by placing your photobooths in retail locations.

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