Well kind of...getting locked out of my Instagram was kind of at fault of my own. You see what-had-happened-was, I took my phone for a swim in the pool. While, yes, my phone is technically waterproof, the back of the phone was cracked and let the water in. Bummer. 

Luckily for me I still had my previous phone. I was able to login to Instagram with that. Enter strike one on Instagram. Instagram does recognize when you login with multiple devices. 

My replacement phone arrived and I logged in there. Strike 2. Everything was fine, until I realized that the replacement phone that I received was defective and had to send it back. 

No worries, I still have my backup phone that I can used. Logged back in there...Strike 3. In retrospect this was my last chance. 

YAY! My replacement to the replacement phone came in! Logged in there and boom. I got this dreaded screen. 


This is where all of the problems began. The email that the account was setup with was a forwarding account, for some reason you may request that the email to reset your account however, the email will never come. Just like my father never came back from going on a "walk" in 3rd grade. However, I digress. 

My second issue became the phone number  that was on the account. The phone number on the account was a business line that began with 855, which I have since learned cannot receive text messages no matter what phone system you are using. 

After scouring the internet, I kept getting sent to this sad little link. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 1.57.32 PM.png

Back to square one again because this was of no help. But then I found a huge help! A hidden place where you can directly contact Instagram! It's so hidden, I have no idea why. Here's a helpful little video on how to access it. 


In a couple of days, I received an email asking I pretty much needed to explain myself as to how this happened. Looked something like this. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 2.01.44 PM.png

Once I sent that information, a couple of days went by and they asked me to take a photo verifying myself. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 2.01.57 PM.png

After that, the next day I got an email with a reset password link and I was back in!!!

Now that I was back in, I need to do everything I could to secure the account so this didn't happen again. 


Go to Settings --> Privacy and Security --> Two Factor Authentication and enable it. You'll be asked to enter a phone number. Once your phone is verified, you'll immediately receive 5 backup codes. (Mine have since been changed for the screenshot) 


After that make sure your email and phone number are correct in case you have an issue with this in the future and we don't have to go through this mess all over again. 

Check out this article on Mashable:

Ryan Salinas