iPad Headshot Station - How I Did It

Headshot stations have always been a thing. The idea is to give users the ability to have a professionally taken photo for free in a convenient way. This is perfect for people in the corporate world, as whenever they attend conferences they are generally dressed in business casual. 

I love the idea of doing a glam squad in addition to the headshot station. Depending on the number of attendees you’ll need one makeup person and one hair person or two people can do both per 2,000 attendees.  

On to how I did this headshot station! 

Now I really toiled on how to accomplish this headshot station. In the past, I’ve hauled tons of equipment, DSLRS, computers, backdrops, you name it.

I thought I would try and do this event as simple and compact as possible.

Since I was traveling to do this event, it actually came out to be cheaper to just purchase new product rather than ship it.

Here’s my equipment list:

iPad 9.7


iOgrapher Telephoto Lens

Manfrotto Tripod

 (2) Softboxes

Black/White Backdrop

Backdrop Stand  


Once I got the lighting setup, it was pretty much an easy event. I really enjoyed the photos we did. Yes, the quality wasn’t perfect however the point of it was to take a better photo than someone could with their phone to use for something like their LinkedIn profile.  

All of the attendees that took a photo were very excited they were able to do this at a conference. If you have any corporate clients, sell something like this to them next time! It’s a great way to offer value to your customers!






Ryan Salinas